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Minimalistic Design

State of the art design decisions featuring both subtle geometrical forms and established technological arguments turn our thoughts to minimalism. In search for best design and technology unity frameless luminaires series Vindo was born. Their white organic semi transparent glass surface adapts delicately to ceiling of premises.

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LED Lighting Technology

Innovative approach towards problems and exclusive specialization in lighting has always been our driving force. Modern technological solutions, such as high quality, energy efficient LED light sources, highly reliable initiation and regulation technologies and efficient light optical systems are used to meet highest needs of our clients.

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Personalized lighting solutions

Personalized lighting solutions are much more than just design and technologies conjunction - it is a creative process requiring deep knowledge of electrotechnology, lighting theory and human psychology. Exceptional product quality and professional lighting solutions increase efficiency and create comfort fully meeting individual client needs.

New luminaires

"Architecture is the correct and magnificent play of forms brought together in light" – Le Corbusier